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At Vanreusel Ventures becoming the best version of ourselves through continuous personal and professional development is our primary mission.   We are passionate about cultivating a forward thinking environment and never setting limits to reaching  full potential of our employee and clients growth and success.  We are constantly improving our skills, relationships, and clients and this ethos has created a place where everyone can do their best work 

Our Mission

We are a corporate finance CFO firm that focuses on creating explosive growth for US and international-based companies. Our mission is to help successful founders and CEOs professionalize the finance function to propel organizations toward an exit.  

The value we offer our clients includes:


Start Up Tools


Value Driven Podcast


Accelerator Program


Exclusive Community


Strategic Advisory


Executive Partnership


Interim CFO


Exit Strategy

The Vanreusel Ventures Team

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Our team of strategic full-time employees think big.  We focus on excellence for our clients and are constantly adapting to our unique founders can reach their goals as quickly as possible. 

We are bespoke in our industry, and as a highly collaborative team, we prioritize growth and success for ourselves and our clients.  We maintain a laser focuses on goals, work together to reach our highest potential, and ensure that our clients smash through targets and reach their goals.

The Vanreusel Ventures culture and environment is fun and rewarding-we love what we do.  We grow successful businesses and successful employees and believe that this is the best place to work-period.


James Vanreusel founded Vanreusel Ventures in 2014 with 1 consulting client. Since then, VV has grown into a global corporate finance firm supporting companies in over ten countries. We work with passion and confidence every day and have a laser focus as a team on our mission to help emerging companies grow and scale by building teams and systems that will expand with the business. All while developing the finance skills and mindset of the CEO.

Our Values


Good is not “good enough”! You want to smash through targets and speed towards IPO or exit. So you won’t tolerate second rate – and we won’t dip below first.

We’re always thinking outside the box, with a larger-than-life vision. We believe that it is a joy to add more value, even if it means we fail. Failure means we get to try again with more speed and energy.

We believe we work in the best company on earth, and we spontaneously spread that enthusiasm to each other, our customers, and our audience.


Transparency and candor define our team’s communication style. We share regular financial and performance updates. We’re receptive to input from anywhere in the organization.


We believe individual and collective leadership drives results. When we fail, we own it, resolve it, and learn the lesson to avoid it in the future.


We know our greatest asset is our team, and we invest in them and their family by prioritizing total compensation, rest and rejuvenation, and so that they can perform at their best and thrive.


We tell the truth, do what's right, and honor our commitments even when expensive, inconvenient, or embarrassing.


We invest both our corporate and individual resources in opportunities with an exponential return, measured by profit, impact, or both.


We never stop learning and never rest on our laurels. We constantly improve our products, services, operations, and ourselves.

Why Work With Us?


Grow Doing What You Love

By working with us, you will have continuous growth with a clear career path from day 1.

We will slot people into their sweet spot, so they spend most of their time in their strength zone because this is a place where leaders are developed. The diversity of our team gives us a never-ending capacity for growth. Our laser focus will sharpen your skills and allow you to reach your full potential within your passion zone.


Killer Benefits Package

Our ethos is to become our best selves in a place where we do our best work.

We believe in offering industry-leading pay and benefits at day 1. We are a people-first-centered company that focuses on rest and rejuvenation of our employees. By intentionally taking care of ourselves first, we can connect at a higher level to our goals and responsibilities to our clients. Your health and family life come first and are protected within our company.


Supportive Team Mates

Our team supports each other to get stuff done and stay focused.

There is no micro managing at Vanreusel Ventures.  We focus on offering clear guidance and support as a team.  We communicate often and regularly and every team member gets a say in decision making. We focus on regular communications but not so much that you will not be able to get your own work done. 


Hybrid & Remote Work Environment

Freedom to do your best work and maintain a focused working environment

We like to stay nimble to ensure we can do our best work all the time. Right now, we are fully remote. However, we are transitioning over the next several months. The ability to work in an office and at home will depend on the nature of your role and meeting schedules. Most days, we will have the freedom to work remotely. But as we move forward through unique situations, we will adjust as needed and ensure to meet the needs of each of our team members.

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