Monthly Membership

CFO level support and expert guidance in a monthly membership to fast track your business goals, financial skills and fundraising.



Budgeting to maximize your impact and protect cash flow
Identifying skill gaps and learning to fill them
Attracting investors and accelerating fundraising
Developing strategies for expansion
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Focusing  your energy on growth and innovation
Managing finances and supporting decision-making

Here's How It Works:

Monthly Live Q and A Sessions,  Interviews and Expert Spotlight Sessions. 

Join monthly sessions with one of our experts to answer all your questions about challenges you face in your business, and leave with more confidence to make the necessary decisions for growth.

Priority Access to Virtual Events

Join industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and founders at one of our many members-only events. Learn all about investing in your business and growing your systems while networking with other leaders.

Access to the Industries Best Resources, and Vendors

Our start-up stack has the tools to help you build your business, so you don’t have to feel like you’re doing everything with your bare hands.

Proven Methods to Incorporate CFO-level Practices and Mindset

Our mentors will coach you with tips from experts that address any challenges, and help you balance your business’s short-term and long-term needs.

Within the membership,  you’ll have access to LIVE support, dozens of resources, helpful tools, and we will connect you with experts who are ready to give you a hand up and over any obstacle that’s stalling your company’s growth.


The CFO Thinking Partner will be there to support you with tough decisions, obstacles and will answer important questions:  

How can I turn around low cash flow?

How do I prepare for fundraising?

Is my annual budget missing key information?

What financial reports should I be getting each month?
What do I do after I raise funding?
What do I need to prepare for an audit?

What our Clients are Saying:

“James and his team transformed our finance processes and gave us assurance that we have best-in-class financials and systems in place – for today and as our business grows. They always provide personalized attention, and at no point have we felt like just another of many clients."

Overall, I can’t recommend enough bringing James and his team on more, and suggest doing it sooner than you think you need to.”

--Edith Elliot CEO, Noora Health

Edith Elliot / CEO & Founder / Noora Health

The CFO Thinking Partner is for...

Young Founders SaaS Teams Non-Profit Organizations
IPO-Focused leaders SaaS Companies Finance Managers
Growing Start-Ups Experienced CEO's Overwhelmed Executives
Scaling Companies Social Impact Organizations Newly funded companies


...and anyone ready to master the foundations of corporate finance!

At Vanreusel Ventures, we understand the pressure of leading a company, and building a financial foundation.

We're here to help.


We support companies in the Healthcare, AI, Tech, SaaS, Crypto, and Non Profit, Social Impact sectors ( to name just a few).


Working with founders that need fundraising support. 


Supporting start-Ups who have completed accelerators programs--i.e. Fast Forward, TechStars, & Y Combinator


Coaching seasoned executives that are working on exit strategies.


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Working with Companies like Yours

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Choose your Path to Success

Ready to dive into the complex world of finance and business? Great! We have a team of experts ready to support you..

                                    SPECIAL OFFER                                      CFO THINKING PARTNER

$1 (30 days) 
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Billed at $97 per month  (Regular monthly price $197 )

Access to in-depth live Q & A with Vanreusel Ventures team, and CEO

In-depth interviews, and expert spotlights from professionals in our network.  

Exclusive access to start-up stack network and deals

Access to a library of start-up resources, podcasts, blogs, video series, and masterclass.

Guest spot on VV Scale by Numbers podcast during the membership (based on availability)

Surprise value add throughout the month



Billed at $97 per month after first 30 days(Regular monthly price $197 )

                            CFO THINKING PARTNER                           TEAM ACCESS

 Per team member


Everything in the Previous tier plus...

1st member pays a monthly membership fee of $197.

Each additional team member is $40 per month.


*Hit the contact us button and let us know how many team members to add to your initial membership and we will take care of it.



Billed at $97 per month after the first 30 days for the initial membership, and $40 per user at the beginning of your membership (Regular monthly price $197 )

                           SCALE BY NUMBERS                              ACCELERATOR PROGRAM

Per month for 3 months


Everything in the Previous tier plus...

3-month program with a senior finance team

1:1 consulting with you to upgrade your financial structure

Personalized hands-on support on 2-3 projects (w/cap on hours)


  • Strengthen Internal Controls
  • Financial Data Collection and reporting
  • Creation of a Finance Manual
  • Annual Budget Support
  • Forecasting and Modelling
  • Key Personnel Hiring
  • Financial Analysis
* 90-day engagement

                                           CUSTOM                                            START-UP PACKAGES

Contact Us


Everything in the Previous tier plus...

Weekly Check-In with Sr. Financial Analyst

Systematic upgrade to current financial operations

Monthly Accounting Reporting

Monthly OKR/KPI reporting

Stakeholder relationship management

Forecasting of cashflow, annual budgets, and Cap Tables

Update finance manuals

Board meeting prep

Flexible support whenever you need it

Full support from Financial Analysts


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get during my membership?

You will insights, advice, tools, support, and strategy to help you become a stronger founder, and have a more solid financial foundation.

You will begin to see things differently, your financial decisions will make more sense, and you will begin to grow an intimate relationship with your numbers in turn making your business stronger.  You will receive the knowledge you need to ensure you avoid costly mistakes. 

You are joining into a community of founders who all want the same thing---growth, and support.   The VV team is here to help you succeed while you are learning about the complexities of start-up finance and how it connects to your business growth. 

We will guide you through your first 30 days to ensure you make the most out of your membership.

You can cancel at any time. We want this to be the right fit for you and we want you to be the right fit for our community of founders.

What happens when I upgrade?

You get all the new membership benefits of your new tier, and all the benefits of the ties below.  If you want to upgrade from the CFO Thinking Partner, to the Accelerator please reach out to


I still have questions. Who can I contact?

You can always email us at, with any questions you may have about your account or current plan, and we will respond as soon as possible.

I want to join the Accelerator, how do I do that?

If you want to take care of 2-3 projects and accelerate your business growth,  Just reach out to and we will get you set up for an introductory call. 

After the call, it’s a quick sign-up process – within minutes you’ll be registered and have access to all of the Vanreusel Ventures membership tiers.  Enjoy.

Can I include my team?

Absolutely.  We have a plan for that! Just reach out to and we will get your team members set up with access.  Don't worry we won't charge you separate transactions, we can put all of your members on one transaction each month.


Get Results by Having a CFO Thinking Partner on Your Side

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The CFO Thinking Partner Membership is more just a monthly meeting.  It is a group of partners, experts, advisors who want to see you SUCCEED as a founder and business owner. By joining the membership, you’ll receive advice, support and tools that will stay with you for years and carve your way to personal success.